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We’ve Moved! July 12, 2009

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We have moved our blog to  We are new and improved, with more updates, more tips, and great photos!

Don’t forget to check out our shop: 🙂




Publishers for Young Adults June 23, 2009

Finding time to write in college (and, if you’re like me, owning a business at the same time) is pretty tough. Searching for publishers who seriously consider young adult work can be even harder. Since I was personally searching for publishers, I thought I would share what I found. Below is a list of small presses and contests who all publish young authors:

This site provides a very good list of publishing opportunities specific to young people:

This newsletter (called “The Loop”) provides some publishers (specifically for playwrights). You can also subscribe to the newsletter for free to get more updates:

This small press holds a chapbook contest and also accepts submissions year-round for publication of chapbooks:

Hopefully this is a helpful resource for young (adult) writers. If you are seriously interested in sending your work to a publisher, my advice is to spend a good long time checking out that publisher’s website. Make sure your piece would fit well with what they do, since every publisher is different. A publisher’s website usually has a “submit” link where you can get information about their guidelines for submission. Be sure to follow their guidelines exactly or else they won’t even consider your work. If you come across the word SASE it means “self addressed stamped envelope.” Most publishers allow you (or require you) to include a SASE with your submission so that you may be informed if your piece was not chosen. Just stick the SASE in the envelope you send your piece in.  Good luck!


P.S. We are slowly transitioning to a blogspot blog. Check it out at


New Etsy Banner, Thought I’d Share June 19, 2009

I created a new Etsy banner a few minutes ago on I love Picnick because it makes photo editing (and banner making) easy. Plus, it’s free!  The photo is from a beach on New Hampsire (there are beautiful beaches in New England, by the way). I thought it fit in well with the beach photos we have of some of our jewelry and with the new Pride and Prejudicd journals.

BeachBanner3(Click banner to see it in action on our Etsy page.) 

Pretty simple, but it keeps the shop looking clean and pretty!




Creating for Writers June 16, 2009

Along with being a jewelry designer, I am also a creative writer. Sarah is too, and we wanted to combine our passion for writing with our passion for creating. Recently we have added two new pieces into our store (check them out here: ). They are two collaged Pride and Prejudice-inspired  journals, which we hope  mark the beginning of SuaVoce’s “for writers and readers” line.

We intend our “for writes and readers” line to include more journals, bookmarks, and inspirational cards (to help writers get out of writers block!) The theme of our products will be literature based. For example, a bookmark with quotations from Jane Eyre or a journal collaged with bits of poetry from Gwendolyn Brooks .

Hopefully this path is as lucrative as it is fun!



One Look From You… June 15, 2009

“One look from you will silence me on the subject for ever”

-Mr. Darcy of Pride and Prejudice

We are proud to show our newest design: Pride and Prejudice-inspired journal. This handmade, collage journal turned out so lovely!  We’ve just added it to our store, and are happy to say it is getting many views.  Soon we will be posting another journal.



How I Try to Stay Stylish…Without Big Spending June 14, 2009

As a college student (with ever growing school loans!) in this economic time, I initially had a tough time trying to balance good style with a tighter budget.  One of the best solutions I found was something right in front of me the whole time: jewelry.

I bought a couple pretty, simple (and inexpensive) tops.  With jewelry I can switch up the style of these tops whenever I wear them.  I can dress them up and down, and play around with a whole lot of different looks…without spending extra for expensive outfits.

At the mall today, I bought shoe cleaner and new laces. I’m going to fix up my old (okay, not THAT old) shoes instead of buying a whole new pair.

I’d love to hear your tricks to staying stylish on a budget, so comment away!




Never Enough Time… June 10, 2009

I’m working full time this summer on a rearch project for my college’s press, and it seems like time has been slipping away so quickly. I hardly have time anymore for jewelry-making or updating the etsy store.  I’ve tried stuffing in a few hours here and there, but this week I got fed up!

This weekend Angie and I are spending a full day completely updating and improving our store, blog,  and facebook group.  We’re going to begin serious promotion on our new “Special Event Jewelry: Bridal and Prom” (the beginning stages can be seen at as well as fixing a lot of our photos, descriptions, etc.  I can’t wait to get this started. Be sure to check out the results next week!

Happy creating,